Aviator Game Review

Aviator is an incredibly popular game and probably the most popular crash casino game nowadays. We can even say that it created a small revolution among casino games, not only by the number of players playing them but also by inspiring many software makers to create numerous clone games. There is probably no reputable casino in existence nowadays that doesn’t have Aviator and a few more similar games on their offer. Aviator is a highly addictive game because of its high RTP, quick rounds, and high winning percentage.
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RTP, or money returned to players, claimed by developers (but also independently verified by many players) is 97%. That is a really important thing since it is proof of the fairness of the game and also it can assure you that you won’t be able to go bust if you apply at least a bit of common sense. Of course, no RTP can save you if you are the kind of person that wants to become a millionaire in just a few rounds and if you start to hunt huge multipliers with half of your playing money per round.

Also, the most fun thing about Aviator is that you can decide to play on low multipliers and then you will win most of the rounds which is a pretty satisfying experience.

What is Aviator?

Aviator is a crash casino game that puts you in the role of a pilot of a little airplane. Your goal is to guess the moment when the plane will fly away and react by pressing the cash-out button before it happens. If you successfully do it, you win a round and get your money. Your winnings are calculated by multiplying your stakes with the multiplier that was active at the moment when you pressed the cash-out button. If you were late to press it and the plane flew away, you lost your stakes. For every round, you can decide to play only one bet, but you also can decide to make two bets.

Be careful when making a double bet because you need to pay attention to cash out both and not forget about the one and unintentionally lose one of your bets. We recommend playing double bets only as a part of some systems because only that way you will know what your goals for a given round are. Playing Aviator randomly and with no plan will just keep you in that 97% range, of course, if you don’t play with crazy high stakes. Aviator also is a very fair game and very transparent about it. While for many casino games you have no idea how the results are coming up, for example in slot games, in Aviator things are simple and clear.

The game chooses a random number from 1.00 to 1000000 and that will be the multiplier for that round in which the plane will fly away. This makes aviator most similar to roulette, just with a bit higher multipliers possible. That both have advantages and disadvantages, advantages are that you can play on small multipliers and win a lot, while in a casino if you want to play on such small multipliers you will have to make many multiple bets on single numbers, which needs a bit bigger funds. Aviator anyone can start with even a modest bankroll of 10$ because it allows players to place a stake as low as 0.10$. So you can relax and play for fun even or slowly build up your bankroll from almost nothing.

Negative sides are that since the game starts from 1.00, you will have 10 multipliers in zone 1.00 – 1.10 and it’s really easy that one of them is chosen by a game. Since many players feel those winnings are small, all of them will wait for some more attractive ones and therefore lose the money. But you always have to be aware about what coefficients really mean – even a coefficient of 1.05 means that your winning is 5% of your stake. Considering the fact that the casino is making only 3% on all stakes, that already is more than what the casino is making.


Aviator Game Features

The most surprising thing about the Aviator is the number of features such a simple game has. You shouldn’t underestimate those and should use them to your advantage.

Features available in Aviator are:

  • Double bet – Aviator is giving you the possibility of placing two bets on the same round, which opens you possibilities of combining different states with different multipliers to enhance your chances of winning.
  • Chat with other players – Since playing Aviator can often pull you in and some strategies also require waiting for some periods without placing bets, game developers included a neat option of live chat. That way you can entertain yourself in waiting time, but also you can maybe exchange experiences and learn some more strategies from other more experienced players.
  • Statistics – At any point in the game, you can check the statistics about which multipliers the game have chosen in previous rounds and you can use it both to make sure everything is fair, and also to see if some extremely small or big multipliers didn’t appear for some longer periods which would mean there is more chance they will appear soon, so you can either avoid small ones or hunt bigger ones.
  • Top winners – Aviator is offering the players to see the charts for the top players in various periods. You can check what was the biggest win of the day, but also you can see what was the biggest win in the whole year. That can help you to realize what the absolute maximum one can expect is. Always keep in mind that those are the best results among millions of players that were playing it for a whole year, and you can’t expect to make a similar win just by playing it for a few days.
  • Results of all players in the current round – During the flight you can also see on which multipliers players decided to cash out and what their winnings were. Also you can see how many players waited for too long and lost by doing so.
  • Free Aviator game – If you are just a beginner and don’t feel like spending money immediately, Aviator game is also offering a demo game that you can play for free. That way you can test your theories a bit and see which strategies are working better than the others.

How to Play Aviator Game

Aviator is a super simple game to play since there are not too many controls or options. Its learning curve is very steep and after just a few rounds you will be able to play the game at the highest level. The goal of the game is to cash out your money before the little plane flies away. Before every flight you have some time to set up the stake, you can choose if you will place one or two, and then the flight is starting.

You will see the multipliers growing next to the plane and you can cash your money out at any given moment while the plane is still flying. Once the plane flies away, all of the bets that weren’t cashed out are lost. At the end of each flight, you can place bets for the next round. You can also set up the automatic cash-out option for each bet, where your money will be cashed out at the multiplier you have decided before the flight.

Aviator Bonuses and Promotions

As with any other casino game Aviator has some bonuses and promotions available as well. Most of the promotions are actually universal in casinos, but we will list them anyway for those that are not familiar with them. Some of the usual ones are

  • Welcome bonus for new players – Usually, upon registration in a casino you will be welcomed and rewarded with some bonus, sometimes bonuses are general, but some casinos can have bonuses aimed at Aviator as well. Maybe it is the best idea to check if there are Aviator bonuses or free rounds given when registering and choose casinos that offer them.
  • Deposit bonus – Usually casinos will set up some deposit limit, after which you will get some additional betting money. For example, if you deposit 30$ the casino can give you an additional 10$ to play with. They will probably set some limit in which multipliers you can play with it, usually, they don’t allow multipliers under 1.50 or 2.00.
  • Free bets – This promotion is Aviator-only, and while playing the game some of the free bets will appear in the chat or game screen, and the first ones to react will be rewarded with free bets. Similarly to the deposit bonuses, those free bets will come with some sort of limitation. Usually, limits will be put on small multipliers, those under 1.50, so it is best to include the free bet while you play some of the strategies that request hunting 2.00 and bigger multipliers.
  • VIP bonus – This is one of the bonuses that shouldn’t be of your concern when you are just starting because they are awarded to players who deposit large sums of money. Of course, any bonus and free money are good, but this one you will earn only after a longer period of playing. Any money or free bets awarded will come with similar limits as those above.

Aviator Game Strategies

The most important thing before you start playing Aviator is having a clear strategy. If you start playing randomly, or just playing because you have an idea to get rich quick, you will surely just lose money. The problem with having no strategy is that you lose your idea of how much you won and how much you lost, and what was working well and what was inflicting your losses. You have to have a more systematic approach, and be very flexible to adapt to new circumstances and to quickly stop with stuff that is not working, before losses become too big to be able to recover from them in some decent amount of time.

Some main tips and strategies are:

As with every type of betting or gambling, make a firm decision on how big your bankroll will be. The point of that is to make a bankroll not too big, and just the right amount that you won’t care if you lose it and won’t affect your life or the life of your family.

Never use stakes that are too big, one stake maximum should be 5% of your bankroll. Anything over that amount will drain your bankroll too fast in case of long-losing streaks, and longer-losing streaks have to happen sooner or later. With 5% of your bankroll, you have a space to lose even 20 rounds in a row, which will make your playing more comfortable.

Systems like Martingale or Reverse Martingale that are made with a mathematical basis should always be preferred to some new systems that still didn’t pass the test of time. The Martingale system has existed for hundreds of years and it is impossible to lose when using it, but for it to work and to be perfectly safe you have to have an incredibly high budget. If the budget is not high – then your starting stakes have to be around 0.2-0.5% of your bankroll. Maybe the growth of your bankroll will seem slow when using it, but it’s much better to grow slowly than to go bankrupt all of a sudden just because you wanted to rush things.

Where to Play Aviator

You should always choose some reliable casinos that you know have many players than testing some new casinos you just found online. With new casinos you never know how your money withdrawal will go, and if they will have enough players to support it for a longer period of time. Also, it is very important to choose those casinos that accept most of the major payment options such as Visa, Master, PayPal etc.

The Biggest Wins on Aviator Game

In theory, you would be able to make 100 million in Aviator because the maximum multiplier that Aviator allows is 1000000 and the maximum stake is 100$. Of course, casinos will have some limits for maximum payout, and that is something that you should check before playing if your goal is to hunt 100+ multipliers. Also no matter how attractive it is to dream of making millions in aviator, we urge you to start the game with some realistic expectations and try to first play with any profit. Once you get a hang of it and you are not losing money, you can proceed toward making more money.

Games Similar to Aviator

Nothing inspires people more than success, and the same happened with Aviator. The extreme success of this game forced casinos into trying to cash out that popularity and every casino made at least a few games similar to it. Some are ordered by casinos to be made exclusively for them and those are usually just pure clones with little changes. But some developers decided to make some more creative copies and add some more features. Let’s check some of the most popular games inspired by Aviator:

  • Rocketon – this is a rocket-flying game created by a Digitain company. The game has an RTP of 97 and its fairness is not questionable, since developers even offer the option of downloading the code for each round.
  • JetX – is a SmartSoft Gaming creation, and it is styled after the 80s arcade shooter games. Multipliers in this game are made by a random number generator and RTP is again 97% like in most of these games. They offer one unique feature – big stakes – this is the only Aviator clone that allows for stakes up to 300$, so it is a perfect option for those with a big bankroll.
  • Spaceman – People from PragmaticPlay decided to make this nicely animated Aviator clone and to introduce the unique feature of 50% cashout in it. This option is very good for people experienced in betting that liked the option of early cash-out since this effectively works the same way. They can try to cover their stakes with 50% cash out and then proceed to make a profit with the rest of the money.
  • Zeppelin –  BetSolutions creation is the company behind this extremely minimal, but also extremely well-made game. The idea behind this is to get rid of anything that could make playing complicated. So they decided to have only one bet button, which makes it perfect for anyone just starting to play games of this type. Minimal graphics also help a lot with a game having no lag at all and running smoothly on every phone or pc.
  • SpaceXY –  Made by BGaming, and maybe most profitable of all since developers claim RTP between 96.88% and 98.92%. That is a range from an average one to very high one, so the worst case scenario is that your game has the same chances as any other clone.

Aviator Hack and Signals

Aviator Hack and Signals are both just two types of the same hack were people who made them try to make a profit on players’ greediness. Players are offered sure wins in exchange for money, and makers of Hack and Signals are never even explaining how they come up with results for the next rounds. They just try to make use of the fact that millions of players are playing this game and try to catch those most vulnerable and probably on huge losing streaks and scam them. The only advice we can give about those apps is to avoid them and never to even test your luck with them. Not only that you will lose money, but also even if they work, it is a criminal offense.


  • What is the maximum win on Aviator?  Maximum wins are limited solely by the casino in which you play the game. As for the Aviator game alone, the maximum multiplier possible is 1 million.
  • What are the minimum and maximum bets in Aviator? The minimal bet you can make is 0.10$ while the maximum bet is 100$.
  • What device can I use to play the Aviator game?  Aviator is available both as a mobile app and as an online game you can play on casino websites.