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The Aviator game was not the first nor was it the best crash game on the market, but the simplicity and the popularity that it gained created a whole new wave of Aviator clones. Somehow Aviator had hit all the right buttons, and even now with many copies, and with some games offering better RTP or better options, it is hard to match Aviator’s playability. That said, we still managed to find some of the best potential competitors that added just a bit of the twist to the original game, and maybe they are not better, but for sure some of them are better suited for some strategies. 
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Top 7 Aviator Game Alternatives

Here are the top 7 Aviator clones, they are not chosen by popularity or by being better than Aviator, but the criteria used was that every single of them is offering something new and something that can be useful for some type of players. 

So the top 7 are:


  • Space XY
  • Spaceman
  • JetX
  • Lucky Jet
  • Zeppelin
  • RocketOn
  • Balloon Run


Space XY

Space XY is a BGaming company take on the Aviator style of games. The game revolves around the color-changing rocket and your goal is to evacuate before it explodes. There are some nice new things about this one, such as a very high RTP between 96.88% and 98.92%. No other game that we know of has such a high RTP. Only one thing is shrouded in mystery, and that is, what they actually mean by giving an RTP range instead of just one number, but that we couldn’t find out from the data available. Another very good thing is that rocket color is changing in correlation with the multiplier, so you don’t need to even watch the numbers to know how high the multiplier is at any given moment. 


Spaceman is made by a company named PragmaticPlay and they bring us one novelty – a 50% cashout. It is a great addition to this type of game because it makes the job easier for those players that like to cover their stakes first, and then continue playing for a profit with the rest of the money. RTP is 96.5, which is just a tiny bit lower than Aviator and shouldn’t concern you much because such a small difference won’t make much difference and won’t influence your performance. One thing that significantly differs from Aviator is the multipliers since here maximum is  5000.00. For those who play multipliers that are on the lower end, this limitation is irrelevant and should concern only those that have dreams of super-high coefficients and winnings.


JetX is a retro creation from SmartSoft Gaming. Again you are in control of a small plane, but this time the graphics are very old-school and arcade-like. It runs very smoothly and it is somehow very satisfying visually. As for play options, RTP and controls are very similar to Aviator. The only bigger difference is that the maximum stake is 300$, which makes it perfect for those that like to play with bigger money, or those that want to play Martingale strategy with a bit higher initial stake. For example, in the original Aviator, your initial stake should be 0.5$ at max, because anything bigger will hit the upper limit too early and make Martingale progression impossible, which would lead to loss of money in case of long losing streaks. Here at JetX, you don’t have that problem due to a higher limit. 

Lucky Jet

Lucky Jet is one of the newest additions to an Aviator clone universe. It is made by a young company, Gaming Corps, and the RTP is showing us that they explored the market well and responded to the players’ wishes. Since RTP is one of the most obvious things in this type of game, it is also the first thing players will check when starting. Developers obviously realized that and decided on an RTP of 98.3% which is among the highest on market. They also made some more automatic options as well, such as Automatic Entry and Automatic Withdrawal. Automatic entry is really good for those that need to play every round, for example, those players that wait for a big multiplier and that can’t afford to miss any of the rounds until it happens. This will assure that no mistake or lag will lead them to miss a round since they will always be automatically included in the next one. 


Zeppelin from Betsolutions is a very simple Aviator clone, both graphics-wise and gameplay-wise. You don’t need to make many decisions in this one – you can make only one bet. That may sound like too simple but actually, simple is sometimes better, since it allows you to just focus on one thing, and that can force you to follow your strategy more precisely instead of always exploring new things. This game could be very simple and basic but still they added one really good option for those that wait for some multiplier but suddenly have to be away from the computer, and that is the option of automatic play. You can set up both the winning amount and losing amount, and upon reaching any of them, automatic play will be stopped. That way the game protects you from losing too much money, and also protects your profit once you reach the amount you wanted. 


RocketOn, a game made by Digitain, has the best graphics by far of all of the games in the crash world. It is a relatively new game and they decided to stand out by making it very pleasant to the eye. The rocket that flies is extremely realistic, it is even slightly unusual to see that so much effort was made for such a short game. They decided to have the usual RTP of 97% which we are well used to in most of the games. But there is one very important thing they added, and that is the x2 button with which you can easily double your stakes for each round. This makes playing the Martingale system much easier and makes mistakes in calculations impossible. 

Balloon Run

Balloon Run is a very fresh game from 2022, and it’s made by Spinmatic company. This company made some very interesting decisions about what they will bring to the table, and they obviously made a game for players that have big bets in mind. The maximum stake allowed is incredibly high and it is 1000$, while the maximum multiplier is again 1000x. That means they want their game to be played by really serious and experienced players and to eliminate those that will play just small stakes waiting for a 1 million multiplier to appear. They made bright, colorful, and very simple graphics that are just there so you can rest your eyes on something while playing.

They focused more on making the whole gameplay very focused on one style of playing, so besides big stakes they also allow for 4 bets to be placed parallel. Again, it is obvious that that is their focus, they simply want serious bets to be placed, and this style of crash game is a kind of novelty because it moves games closer to roulette players. They obviously want to distance themselves from casual players and to have a more elite audience. One negative thing about this is that their RTP is just 95.1%, and we guess it has to be lower since they work with bigger stakes and have to secure themselves from bigger losses. 

Why Are Aviator and Similar Games so Popular?

The popularity of Aviator and its clones shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Every player wants to know if he won or not as soon as possible, and this type of game does exactly that, results are decided in a matter of seconds. This way players always have something new to play, whether they are on a losing streak or a winning streak.

These games allow for very low stakes as well, making them affordable to anyone. If you feel like you do not belong to a casino but you like gambling, this is the place you will find very comfortable in, and it is also helped by making very simple and fun graphics, which somehow allow you to feel like a kid again and just enjoy simple things. Another great thing is the money returned to players that is usually in the range of 95% to almost 99%, and that is very comforting to players.