Aviator Hack: Is it Real?

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We can safely claim that there is zero chance for the Aviator Hack to be real. No matter in which shape or form you came to it, whether it is an app or someone who offered you predictions or any addon on your phone, all of them are simply scams. It is not because the games are made impenetrable but because of the whole way the multipliers are decided that is basically not possible to predict mathematically. If you are familiar with programming or mathematics, you know that making a random number generator needs to be exactly what its name says, meaning it has to override any possible pattern and always drop the number totally by accident.

If there would be any patterns included, numbers would start to repeat in a long term following the pattern. That would be extremely dangerous for any casino because people would easily crack it simply by making a database big enough to contain all the multipliers until now. That is why they will use just true random number generators, which are equivalent to picking up the number from the blind bag. It is equally impossible to predict which number you will pull out from a bag with million balls, as it is impossible to predict the next number generated by a random number generator.
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What is Aviator Hack?

Aviator Hack is a scam scheme created to fool people who are greedy to make easy money on Aviator. Aviator Hacks usually come in the form of a free app in stores or in an APK file form that you can download from some sites provided by the seller of the application. Usually, a free app will just be the simple random number generator that pretends to predict the next multiplier but in fact, it just drops you a random number. They will always claim that it is not a precise demo/free version just for testing, and if you want really good predictions then you should buy a premium one.

Of course, premium ones don’t exist, and you will probably get your money taken without getting anything in return. Even worse, maybe they will give you a download link for the APK file that you need to install, and you never know what will be installed along with it, because it will not go through any official site but from some online hosting. Of course, the whole payment will go through crypto accounts so you can’t get your money back when you realize you were scammed. Also, communication is always directed toward anonymous apps like Telegram.

Where Can you Find Aviator Predictor App

Aviator app can be found in many versions in regular stores, but it will usually just be a free version of the app that is used as bait. The whole point is to lure you into using the app, and since it will drop random numbers, you will be very close to being on even money because money returned to players by the casino, when all bets are random is 97%. So if you play random numbers from the app you will be around the same money where you started.

Then the other part of the scam is starting, they will tell you it can be improved by buying a premium app. And because this free one already worked decently and didn’t make big losses to you, why wouldn’t you try premium as well? Then they will redirect you to their Telegram channel where they will explain how to pay them for the premium version, which will probably never arrive once you transfer the money to them.


Can it Really Predict Results

Not only is it impossible to predict the results of a random event but also if you use common sense you would see how delusional it would be to trust someone who claims that he hacked a casino. If someone actually did it, it would be very unusual that that person is also selling the app for others to hack it. First, it would be very risky since it is illegal to make an app like that, and secondly, if he hacked it he would already make so much money on that, that there is no need to sell the app as well. But also, even mathematically only, it is totally impossible to predict any random number simply because they are created independently from data.

They are not made based on some input, because if you make something based only on some data, the result would be predictable and therefore not random at all. There are many very complicated algorithms to make a truly random number, and even if you had the access to the original software, it would give you only another random number when you run it, and that number wouldn’t have anything to do with the number that is chosen for the game itself. Simply, every run of a random number generator is independent and not in relation to anything else and can’t help you in prediction.

Is Aviator Bot Safe for Using?

We can’t recommend you use the Aviator Bot even if you would get it for free from a friend, because none of you can know what kind of spyware is coming along with it. You could make a serious problem by exposing your phone to harmful software that can gain access to your credit card or any type of payment information stored in your phone.

Plus sending money to unknown people and installing stuff they send you is never recommended, not only for Aviator Hack but in general as well. Even sending payment is itself a dangerous activity if you are not sure that the person to who you are sending payment is a fair person. And someone who wants to sell you a hack to steal money from a casino is surely not a person you should trust.

Pros and Cons of Using Aviator Hack Bots and Apps

We already told you about all of the cons of using something like Aviator Hack. Downloading anything that is not coming from a trusted source is always risky. Add to that that you are sending money for risky software to a stranger, and you will realize how wrong that decision would be.
There are literally zero pros in using something that has no chance of working properly and that is exposing yourself to such a high risk. Please take our advice and stay away from offers like this one. Not only because you will potentially lose money, but also because it is a criminal offense anyway to use software of this type. Also besides that, playing Aviator should be fun and entertaining activity and you shouldn’t turn it into something that will eventually disturb you, disappoint you, and make you unhappy.