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Aviator Signals are a pretty similar kind of scam as the Aviator Hack app, but it has a little twist to it. Sometimes the start of the scam would be the same, by providing you with the free app that would later direct you to be offered premium access to signals for big multipliers in Aviator. So basically Aviator Hack was claiming to correctly predict the next multiplier, while Signals sometimes do that and sometimes just offer to inform you of some big multipliers that will happen. This is most similar to sports betting where you also can pay and subscribe to people that will share information about some games that will have some outcome for sure. Of course, it is always a lie, both in sports and here.
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What are the Aviator Signals?

Aviator Signals are basically the application or a channel where you will get information about high multipliers that will appear at some exact time. People behind it usually try to sound convincing by claiming there is a whole team of programmers and real companies behind it.

Already in their FAQ, we see some very shady description that tells us all we need to know about how they come up with the results: “Aviator Game Signals provide accurate and reliable signals based on advanced algorithms and cutting-edge technology.” Pretty abstract, isn’t it? If they really had any team or technology behind them, wouldn’t they use some more precise explanation of how they are doing it, instead of “cutting edge technology”? 

Where Can You Find Aviator Signals?

This is one thing that is very hard to find, and creators of this scam usually rely on word-of-mouth ways to spread the information. Simply this scam is based on many people being included in it. So if they promise a big coefficient at different times of the day to 1000 people, some of them, probably 50-100 will surely win just because the distribution of coefficients is working like that. The scammer will then ignore and block all of the people that lost a bet, and continue communication with winners. They will then ask winners to promote them, which they will gladly do and share with all friends and family, simply because they won and they feel like it is genuinely working. Then again a new wave of people will come where some lose and some win again and the scheme is repeated.

Of course, right from the start, they redirect you to their Telegram channel (which is not always the same, they switch channels all the time because many profiles get reported so they need to create new ones always). They also use Telegram because it is very hard to be tracked later when players find out they were scammed. 


Do Aviator Signals Really Work?

There is no chance that Aviator Signals are working for anyone except for the scammers themselves. First, it is total nonsense that there is some exact time of the day when some large multiplier will appear. Software that is deciding a multiplier is doing it between two rounds and usually includes a lot of data in its algorithm, sometimes even random codes assigned to players that join the round. So every player joining is affecting the multiplier that will appear.

It will not affect it in a way to be correlated to it, but in a way that the random generator will make some more recalculations, so even if you know those secret codes for players and even know the algorithm that is used, there is no way to predict the future about all of the players who will join the game at some given time, and therefore it is impossible to come to an exact multiplier. To make things worse, even if you knew all of it somehow, still you would have to repeat the whole process on your machine, and all that you would get is just another random number not correlated to the one created by the Aviator game.

So we can’t urge you enough to stay away from anyone that is promising you a sure win on Aviator, because it is a 100% scam.