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Playing the Aviator game is one of the easiest things and the learning curve is very steep. After just a few rounds you will get a hang of it and will play as any experienced player is playing. But playing is one thing and winning is another, so you will have to become familiar with all of the controls and features in order to use them all to your advantage.
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Main controls:

The main controls that are absolutely necessary to finish the round are minimal. Between rounds, you should set up the stake amount. There are two windows for stakes, meaning you can make two bets on one round. Once you enter the stake amount for one or two bets, you have to confirm your choice and apply for the next round.

When the round starts, the plane is starting its flight and you have to cash out one or two bets you made before the plane flies away. You do it with the same button that you used to apply for the next round, just now over the button you have the number of potential winnings growing all the time. It makes it very easy to follow your potential winning since the game is making calculations for you, and you can just focus on cashing it out.

Additional controls: 

For those who feel like it is too stressful to wait for a cash-out or those that follow some precise strategies where they hunt some exact multiplier, there is an option of automatic cash-out. All you need to do is to set up the multiplier when your money automatically will be cashed out. All you need to do is to set your stakes, apply and wait for the round to finish. It also saves you from accidentally pressing the cash out too early or too late, so we wholeheartedly recommend this option.

There are also some additional options on the screen, for example, you can check all the past multipliers on top of the screen, and see if there are some repeating recently, or if there is a lack of some, and make decisions based on it. Also, you can chat with other players in live chat, during every round you can see how many people are cashing out and how many won in the end, etc.

How Does the Aviator Work?

Aviator is a crash game based on a very simple principle before every round game activates a random number generator that will decide the multiplier for that round. Multipliers can be anywhere from 1.00 to 1 million, and the probability for every multiplier happening is very close to real mathematical probability. For example multipliers of 2.00 and more have a 50% chance to happen mathematically but in Aviator they will happen just slightly under 50%, and that is where the casinos are making money. They never make fake rounds where they intentionally make all players lose, all multipliers are completely fair with a just commission for the casino included in the formula. Fairness is best shown through money returned to players which sits at a very high level of 97%.

That means of all the money invested by players, 97% comes back to them and the casino keeps the 3%. That might sound like everyone is losing but that is not the case, there are many players that play Aviator and similar games with the idea of getting rich quickly and they would put big amounts on just one round, sometimes even all of the money, with plans of quickly doubling it. When they fail, they go bankrupt immediately, and for every bankrupted player like that, there are many players that actually win their reasonable bets. That is why players should keep their stakes in some reasonable range because only that can assure longer playing time and potential profits. 


How to Play Aviator – Basics

Before the plane starts its flight, the player needs to decide the amount he will bet on that round and confirm his choice. If the player applied in time, once the plane starts to fly, the multiplier next to the airplane will start to grow, as well as the payout sums that are written over the cash-out button. Once it reaches the amount you wanted to win in the round, all you have to do is press the cash-out button and money will be immediately added to your account.

You don’t need to wait for the plane to fly away, you can already place your next bet while it flies and wait for the next round. If you decide on two bets in the same round, you will have to cash them out both separately, so be careful not to forget one of them because any loss of concentration is leading to losing money. If you can’t focus properly, it is best to use the option of automatic cash out and lessen the chance of making a mistake.

Aviator Tips and Tricks

There are many strategies that can be used in Aviator game, but as for any job or game most important is to first handle the basics of it. Making a good basis and mastering it is always assuring that everything that comes after will be on the highest level possible. 

So we will split tips into basic ones where we explain handling the money in Aviator and then we will skip to some strategies:

  • Bankroll management and stakes – 
  • The most important thing about playing the Aviator game is to make a bankroll that makes sense. Don’t put too much money in your bankroll, because it has to be only in the amount you can afford to lose at any point without looking back.. 
  • Stakes have to be reasonable as well if you plan on playing the Aviator for some longer periods and make use of the strategies you will use. If you put half of the money on each bet, you will deplete your budget in no time. That is why we recommend playing with the stakes no larger than 5% of your bankroll. That will make you able to sustain the losing streaks of even 20 rounds. 
  • Main strategies – 
  • The Martingale system is probably the oldest system in gambling, and it is developed for games with two outcomes that have equal chances to happen. It is very simple and it’s based on doubling your stakes after every loss, and once you win you get back to your original stake. The amount of profit, no matter how many rounds you lost in the meantime, is always equal to the first stake you put. All the losses are covered with just one win, and since it is impossible to lose if you have a big enough budget, there are many casinos that forbid players to play this system. So keep that in mind when choosing a casino. 


Can you Play Aviator Profitably?

  • Never lose your patience – Sometimes the growth of your budget seems like it is too slow, but please never try to rush it. Simply if you have growth don’t change anything because you found a way to have constant growth no matter how small it may be. Always remember that with any growth, your bankroll is growing, and with it growing your stakes and profit will grow faster and faster. So just calm down and follow the winning strategy.
  • Greediness is the biggest enemy – Once you decide to make higher stakes or hunt big multipliers randomly and without any plan, you can be sure you will lose. If you have a big urge to catch big multipliers, then at least do it systematically and not just because you feel like you can’t lose that round.
  • Avoid panicking – Losing streaks are part of the game, and the sooner you accept that, the sooner you will make profits. Trying to cover losses immediately with one or two rounds just leads to even bigger losses, and you will just spiral down very fast toward bankruptcy. Even if the streak is long, it will end soon and the winning streak will also appear sooner or later. No need to panic and try to solve it all immediately. If you are confident in your strategy and it worked before, it will continue to work, just give it time.

Playing Aviator on Mobile

Aviator games can be played on mobile, usually through a dedicated casino app or site, and in our opinion, it is a much better way of playing them. It is especially good if you want to cash out manually because both cash-out buttons are within reach of your thumb and you can much easier make quick cashouts. On PC things are much more complicated since you have to move the cursor from one button to another and usually if you want to make two quick cashouts, it is much safer to use the auto cash-out option.