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How to win on Aviator might be easier than you thought, actually players shouldn’t focus so much on winning but on ways to avoid losses. I know it might seem like a silly thing to say, but actually, it is true since many people are losing simply because they have no strategy, have no long-term plans, and have poorly planned bankroll. Once you avoid all of those beginners’ and casual players’ mistakes, your chances for playing profitably will grow. 
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Many people are doubting the possibility of winning because they notice that the amount of money returned to players is 97%. Therefore they think that all of the players lose 3%, but you have to keep in mind that 97% is the average RTP for all of the players combined. But there are many inexperienced players who will just try to get money instantly and play carelessly, which often leads to losing all of the money.

So for every player that plays like that and goes bankrupt, there have to be a few of the people who make modest winnings so the average percentage goes back to 97%. That is why we say that if you avoid making careless losses, you can be on the winning side and make nice profits from Aviator

Win Big With These 5 Strategies

We mentioned strategies previously, so now we will try to explain some of the main ones for you. We split them into a few groups, so everyone can choose the type of strategy that fits him best, from lower-risk ones that will help your bankroll slowly grow, to the high-risk ones that can make big wins but also can lead to big losses as well.

Aviator game strategies that we chose for you can be split into these 5 big groups:

  • Low-Risk Strategy 
  • Medium Risk Strategy
  • High-Risk Strategy
  • Two concurrent bids Strategy
  • Using Other Betting Systems


Low-Risk Strategy

This is the best thing you can use as a beginner in our opinion, and not only as a beginner, this could be the best long term strategy in general. Of course, as risk is low, growth will be very slow, and that can put some players off. But just always keep in mind that expecting any profit bigger than 2-3% is not a realistic expectation. Even casinos themselves work with a profit margin of 3%, so you shouldn’t be delusional and think that you can make bigger wins than casinos themselves.

  • You have to define your bankroll first and make it not bigger than what you are comfortable with losing. Remember that any gambling and games based on luck have big chances of ending up with losses, so you have to be ready to part with that money if it happens.
  • Never make a stake bigger than 5% of your bankroll, even 5% is a bit too big for absolute beginners and we would advise going with 2% for example, because 2% allows super long losing streaks, even up to 50, before depleting your budget. That allows for very relaxed playing and doesn’t inflict stress in case your strategy doesn’t start to work fine immediately. 
  • For a low-risk strategy, you will try to catch multipliers from 1.20 to 1.30, you will probably win 3 or 4 rounds out of 5 rounds played. Of course, since casinos are including their profit in multipliers, the results will be slightly skewed in their favor. So what you have to do is to try and skip moments when low multipliers under 1.20 are happening, and especially to avoid consecutive ultra-low multipliers from 1.00 to 1.05. You should pay close attention to the history of multipliers while playing and when you notice a bit longer periods with higher coefficients, without any low ones, you should take a break and wait for two consecutive coefficients of 1.00-1.05. After they pass you will be a bit safer and could proceed to play as before.

One thing to be careful about is to be calm and aware that multipliers you are hunting are part of your strategy and not to become greedy when you see big multipliers passing by and you cashed out at 1.20. Those are none of your concerns because we play with calculations where 1.20 will make us a profit. If you want to go hunting big ones, you should check the high-risk strategy chapter.

Medium Risk Strategy

Medium risk strategy is basically just a bit adapted low-risk strategy combined with the Martingale system, for those players that like more excitement and faster-paced earnings when on a winning streak. We will advise players to go for the multipliers in a range from 2.00 to 3.00.

In the case of the 2.00 multipliers, the frequency of multipliers that are bigger than 2.00 is just under 50% and that means that you would win 4 out of 10 rounds on average, for 3.00 chances are under 33%, meaning you can expect to win 2 or 3 rounds out of 10. 

Now we can easily see that we can’t use Martingale for 3.00 multipliers because it would require too big of a budget since losing streaks of 7 or 8 rounds will happen too often. That is why we recommend Reverse Martingale for those that want to play multipliers above 2.00.
Reverse Martingale makes winning streaks more profitable while at the same time softening the losing streaks. It is done by doubling the stake after every win and halving the stake after the loss. 

For those that will try to go with 2.00 multipliers, regular Martingale would be the best strategy, and that one will be explained further in the chapters after this one.

High Risk Strategy

High-risk strategy, as its name says, is the least safe of all of the strategies we offer. We always recommend staying far from this style of playing, but if this is something that excites you and you absolutely want to try and catch high 100 coefficients and higher, we can at least try to make it a bit more possible and lessen your chances of bankruptcy. Coefficients high as those are appearing approximately every 60-90 minutes and would be impossible with any budget to survive periods that long with constant losing.

That is why you should use the history of multipliers that are available and check if there were some 100x multipliers recently. Then you should wait for it to appear again, and when it happens you should sit and wait until some 90 minutes pass. After 90 minutes, and if no 100x multiplier happened in the meantime, you have to start playing every round until it happens again. Be careful what amount of money you want to put on stake each time, because in case you put 1% of your bankroll you will have 100 rounds available to wait for, but in case of 2% you have only 50. So for the first few times start to play with 1% and when you see that 100x appears earlier than 50 rounds expire you can switch your strategy to 2%.

Also, one thing important to mention is that if a 100x multiplier happens before 90 minutes are up, you have to start counting another 90 minutes from that moment. So if you want this strategy to work, be prepared for spending a lot of time waiting. 

Two Concurrent Bids Strategy

The Aviator game is offering us the possibility of placing two bets on the same flight, so we can try to use that option to our advantage. We can use the strategy that will allow us to have a bit more safety for our bets by using the first bet to cover the stakes for both bets. For this we have to make different stakes, for example, if our safety stake will be played on coefficients 1.10, we have to make it 10 times larger than the second stake, and if we decide to go for a very safe coefficient of 1.05, we will have to go with a first stake being 20 times larger than the second one. 


If we decide on a 1.05, and our second stake is planned to be 0.2$, our first stake has to be 4$. We will set up cash out at 1.05, and once the plane passes the 1.05 mark, our first stake will earn 4$*1.05=4.20$, notice that now we covered both the first and second stake combined, and from now on the whole payout for the second stake will be pure profit. Let’s say it reached a coefficient of 5.00, it earned a total of 0.2$*5=1$, so for our investment of 4.20$, we earned 1$, which is almost 25% of our stakes. 

You can of course tweak the numbers in a way you feel most safe, and in a way that works best for you. Don’t forget that avoiding consecutive low coefficients from 1.00 to 1.05 is a must for this strategy to work. So after every longer period without them happening, make a pause until 2 of those coefficients happen in a row, and then you proceed with this strategy. 

Using Other Betting Systems

There are many other betting systems available, but one we always have to mention, and we already mentioned it in Medium risk strategy is the Martingale system. It is a highly safe system, without any chance to lose, if you have a budget big enough to support it. Since stakes are doubled after every loss, stakes are growing very fast, but at the same time every win is covering for all those consecutive losses and will even bring you a profit in the amount of the first stake placed. Growth of the stakes and the budget needed for it you can check in the table below, and please notice that in this system profit is always the same, no matter when it happens. 

Round Stake MoneySpent Until the Winning Round Total Payout When Round is Won Total Profit
1 1$ 1$ 2$ 1$
2 2$ 3$ 4$ 1$
3 4$ 7$ 8$ 1$
4 8$ 15$ 16$ 1$
5 16$ 31$ 32$ 1$
6 32$ 63$ 64$ 1$
7 64$ 127$ 128$ 1$
8 128$ 255$ 256$ 1$


From this table, you easily see why earlier in medium-risk strategies we didn’t recommend playing on the multipliers where the losing streaks are often longer. Losing a streak of 8 rounds needs a budget of 255$, and in case that 9th happens, you will go bankrupt. That is why it is better to play those multipliers like 2.00 that are very unlikely to have such long streaks.

What is the Most Profitable Betting Strategy

There is no unique answer to this question, simply because being most profitable doesn’t mean the same for all people. If we are talking about the strategy that is safest, but with the slow growth of profit, then that surely is the low-risk group of strategies and Martingale. But if your only criteria are the pure profit amount, then hunting high odds on a high-risk strategy is the only one that is fitting for you.

But whatever strategy you choose you always have to keep notes about your games and always check how many different ideas were profitable. Without notes, you can lose the idea of what is working well and what is making losses, and that can push you to make wrong decisions. So always analyze not only the future but the past as well and you will enhance your chances to win.